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The Year is considered to be 13 After Asteroid Impact {AAI}.

13 years ago a smaller asteroid landed in the middle of the African savanah. Its arrival in the now resource starved planet triggered a massive war. One that is know to many as "The War of the Rock".

Many Alliances were broken, made, and broken again in the course of this conflict. Leaving a horrible political and bloody mess.

It wasn't until an self hired Mercenary Organization called "WILLOW" took control of the site, and began its research, that it was found that the asteroid was of little resource value.

This discovery resulted in major political backlash on the participating countries, as the grieving survivors of the men and women lost during the war learned and believed that their loved ones had died in "political pissing match". This resulted in many Mercenary organizations standing up to say that they could do the job, for a nominal fee of course, and with them there would be less political backlash as they are considered "Expendable"

When these organization took over they began to develop new weapons as force multipliers. These weapons made the armored vehicles of even the most modern army obsolete overnight.

Major NPC's

Toni X. -The founder of VKTHSU She is considered the last sane surviving member of their namesake special forces unit. The SF Unit was known for their refusal to accept defeat in any way shape or form. The V.K.T.H.S.U. SF Unit was notorius for DEEP cover operations, and suicide tactics. A very small handful of the original members returned before their unit dissolved.

Lina -The CFO of the VKTHSU, A former Office Worker for the Tokyo Marui Company. Was later fired for "Gross Isubordination" when in fact she struck back at her manager after a moment of sexual harassment. Bounced from job to job via Temp Agency until she too a job as an acquisitions officer at the Japan office. Her hard work was noticed by Toni and hired her on as an accountant. She quickly built up a reputation as a hard worker and as one with a good brain for finances. however every so often she gets pulled to work as a payclerk much to her charigin.

Lin -Is an ex-navy petty officer that had been "force shaped" due to him being redundant. He served as an SH-1 on one of the last Ford Class Carriers. His experience as an administrator and his history as a military member made him a prime candidate as one of the Finance Officers for the VKTHSU Corp.


Zohtirum: One of the most highly sought after elements to date. Believed by many to be the perfect fuel, others see a weapon.

Zz, as is its symbol, is a Very large, very dense, only mildly radioactive, producing Beta Radiation instead of killing everything with gamma. When the Atom is introduced to an H20 molecule begins to desintegrate, releasing large amounts of photonic and thermal radiation. It continues to break down until all that remains is either H20, O2 or H2. if one were to drop a marble sized chunk of pure Zz into a glass of water the heat produced would rival any large scale nuclear reactor, and if it was sealed in an airtight container measuring .25m cubed its heat would trigger a hydrogen fusion reaction. this ability has made it very desirable to many groups looking for fuel sources. However its rarity has made it increadbly hard to find on earth. How ever a recent probe landing mission to the moon detected a large vein of it in a crater in the "sea of traquilty" Knowing this, many governments were very eager to claim the original meterorite in the "'War of the Rock'" -

Hydrogen Farming:

Currently the most second most popular fuel in the world is bio-disel. The first is Hydrogen, and currently a new wave of farmer as emerged. These farmers grow a specific specie of algee that exhales hydrogen gas. This, in its dispered greenhouses is filtered out and stored in heavily reienforced fuel tanks that are trucked and shipped around the world to refueling stations. due to the immense amount of space and specialized equipment required to produce one liter of hydrogen a day, its not very wise to attempt to grow your own 'fuel algee'. -

The Weapons

The new weapons were commonly called "Mechs" though this created the image of giant cyborgs and crazy laser weapons. This was far from the truth. They were simply much larger and walking tanks. Some groups still called them Mechs, but most cosidered them to be RCAV's. [Ranged Combat Armored Vehicles]. They are designed to be modular so that a single squad, could be provided, and outfitted with the newest weapons as soon as they became availible, and to be able to re-outfit them to better suit their RCAV's to an upcomming battle, without having to bring a plethora of minor variants.

Weapon System

Name Purpose Range (Kilometers) Cost Ammo Reload cost Rate of Fire Damage Caused per hit “Splash” ? DPS Time to kill (seconds) Time till empty (seconds) Xxx
120mm repeater All purpose Assualt 3.5 0.500 200 0.250 45.000 2.500 N 1.875 2.667 266.667 Xxx
3x120mm repeater all purpose Assualt 3.5 1.500 300 0.500 135.000 3.750 N 8.438 0.593 133.333 xxx
.50 cal HMG Anti-LAV/Personnel 1.5 0.250 1000 0.125 1200.000 0.001 N 0.020 250.000 50.000 xxx
EMG 200mm Sniper 740.0 1.000 125 0.500 60.000 2.500 N 2.500 2.000 125.000 xxx
2x3 120mm Rocket Wide area suppression 4.0 1.000 30 0.500 30.000 2.500 Y 10m 1.250 4.000 60.000 xxx
30mm Vulcan Anti-LAV/Personnel 1.0 0.250 7200 0.125 3600.000 0.010 N 0.600 8.333 120.000 xxx
300mm Rifle Sniper 8.0 1.000 200 0.500 30.000 3.750 N 1.875 2.667 400.000 xxx
60mm Shotgun CQB 2.0 1.000 250 0.500 15.000 3.750 Y 1m Diameter 0.938 5.333 1000.000 xxx
Pneumatic Spike CQB MELEE 2.000 15 1.000 5.000 25.000 N 2.083 1.000 180.000 xxx
400mm Cannon Anti-RCAV Cannon 5.0 1.500 25 0.500 15.000 5.001 Y 10m Diameter 1.250 1.000 100.000 xxx
Xxx Xxx Xxx Xxx Xxx Xxx Xxx Xxx


Stinger Anti-Air/RCAV [seeker] 4.0 1.000 5 Xx 20.000 0.850 Y 5m Diameter 0.283 17.647 15.000 xxx
HEAT Un-Guided Anti-Armor 3.5 1.000 4 Xx 15.000 1.000 Y 5m Diameter 0.250 20.000 16.000 xxx
xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx

-Big Guns-

12x3 120mm Calliope Long-Range Area Suppression 10.0 3.000 36 0.100 36.000 1.000 Y 10m Diameter 0.600 8.333 60.000 xxx
600mm Howitzer Long-Range Artillery 10.0 2.000 25 0.500 15.000 1.500 Y 25m Diameter 0.375 13.333 100.000 xxx
xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx


Armor kit Survivability
1.000 Xx Xx
Each kit doubles the amount of damage an RCAV can take, cost limit n/a

UAV launcher Scouting Tool 25.0 2.000 Xx Xx
xxx n/a

All Weather Optics Increases Sight Range and Visibilty 20.0 0.500 Xx Xx
xxx n/a

flare/smoke launcher Illumination/Concealement 3.0 0.500 10 0.250
xxx n/a

Active guidance countermeasures Chaff/Flares, Intended to misguide enemy [Stinger]s 1.5 0.500 10 0.250
xxx n/a

xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx


PEW All purpose Assualt 15Km 4.000 500 0.500 75.000 3.000 N 3.750 2.667 400.000 xxx
KNOW Anti-RCAV RIFLE 20Km 4.000 10 0.500 60.000 5.500 Y 10m Diameter 5.500 1.818 10.000 xxx
TSR Sniper 250Km 4.000 30 0.500 30.000 7.000 N 3.500 2.857 60.000 xxx
Falcon Anti-Air/RCAV [seeker] 500Km 6.000 2 None 1.000 30.000 Y 1Km Diameter 0.500 1.000 120.000 xxx

0.000 Err:503 #VALUE!

Carry system name Cost Allotment Max speed Limitations Max weapon size

Relative Size

4x4 Wheels 5 200 Bad on hills, very fast on flat terrain 120mm

Approxoimately the Size of a 2 lane wide tractor/trailor, front axel is bicycle style as it can pivot 360

6x6 Wheels 7 180 Moderate on hills, fast on flat 200mm

Same size as the 4x4, however its wheels are standard, but its mid-section is flexible

Treads 10 100 Great all terrain, tad slower, immune to knock back 300mm

As wide as 2 lanes and as long as a double hitch tractor trailer

4 leg 12 140 Goes anywhere No limit

As long as 2 tractor/trailers end to end, and as wide as a 3 lane road

2 leg 6 180 Does ok on hills, and ran still run on un-even terrain 200mm

As wide as 2 lanes and its feet are the size of a VW Bug.

Reverse Joint 2 leg with Stabalizer arms 8 160 Good hill climber, slowed due to its stabilizer kit 300mm, only one besides the 4 leg to be able to handle a 200mm EMG

Same as normal two leg, but its knee joints face the other way and have two little drop down recoil absorbers.

Explanations of Numbers

A 'naked' RCAV has 4.999 “health”. Each armor kit doubles the “Health”

The damage points are dependent on direct hits

A near miss or “splash” does half damage

Members of V.K.T.H.S.U.

[place bio's here]


Name: A.C.
Callsign: Charlie
Age: 55
Sex: Female
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Left one Blue, right one a lens.
Build: Short and broad, both legs being prostheses from midway down the thighs. Right cheekbone, eye and parts of the forehead been replaced with metal/plastic/glass prosthesis. Long chain of mixed Ethnicities result in a brownish tan with slight almost eyes and blue eyes...
Personality: Unfazable. Got a very subtle sense of humor, rarely laughs or smiles. Her actions are mostly dictated by necessity and common sense. Though she will avoid civilian causalities under all cost. Her voice almost always sounds tired/bored. Her hobby is to write Doctor exams via Tele-college.
Education level: Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Canon and Civil Law, Doctor of Literature. She's not a Genius, just knows a few good tricks to memorize Data and then spent a lot of time on writing good Exams... Quote: "It's like Sudoku" Family: Husband, Son and Twin Daughters. Deceased.
How/why they were recruited: Like the Sarge, A.C. got forced to retire from the regular military after the War of Rocks. However for her it was monetary reasons to join the Corporation soon after.
Background: A.C. was in her early twenties when just another small war broke out, and she and her young family were 'tragic causalities' no one cared about. A.C. herself was lucky and survived, albeit heavily maimed. She never actually told 'why' she joined the military, and the military never asked since the prostheses were good enough to allow her in... also they lacked manpower. After starting out as simple gunner, she ended up an excellent fire control officer on a large Warship, earned a few medals, too, in the War of Rocks, which she survive completely untraumatized. She never got the ambition to become ranking officer, but her seniority allows her a few things the young guns aren't allowed. On top, the Sarge does not insist quite as vehemently on respect from A.C.
No one ever found out what A.C. Means. Even in the files she is just A.C.

Unit ID#: 02
Unit Type: MWP III (Mobile Weapon Platform class 3)
+ Carry System: Tread (10) slower (100), immune to knock back
+ Support Systems:
+++ 2 Armor kits (2, Laminate, RAP. Armor: 19.996)
+++ 1 Concealment (1, light Emission cloaking, Slow Chemical Camouflage, Basic 'Stealth' Anti-Radar Slopes, divide Enemy range of detected by 4 or by 2 if moving/firing)
+++ 1 All weather Optics (0.5, IR, UV, Ladar, Range 20)
+++ 1 Smoke/Flare launcher (0.5, Shots: 10, Range 3)
+ Missiles:
+++ 1 HEAT (1, Shots 4, RoF 15, Range 3.5, Dam 1.000 splash 5) (Against Bunkers/Fortifications/Slow, Heavily Armored Targets, MS-HEAT)
+++ 1 Stinger (1, Shots 5, RoF 20, Range 4, Dam 0.850 splash 5) (Against Aircrafts/Highly Agile Targets, HEPF)
+ Weapons:
+++ 1 .50 cal HMG (0.25+0.125, Shots: 1000+1000, RoF 1200, Range 1.5, Dam 0.001) (Against LAVs, Automated, APEX)
+++ 1 30 mm Vulcaan (0.25, Shots: 7200, RoF 3600, Range 1, Dam 0.010) (Against Infantry, Automated)
+++ 1 300 mm Long Ranged Rifle (1.125, Shots: 150, RoF 20, Range 10, Dam 4.000) (Long Range Main Gun, APFSDSDU)*
+++ 1 2*3 120 mm Rockets (1, Shots: 5*6, RoF 30, Range 4, Dam 2.500 splash ?) (Long Range Areal Bombardment, HEDP)
+++ 1 60 mm Shotgun (1, Shots: 250, RoF: 15, Range 2, Dam 3.750 splash 1) (Close Range Defense, HESH)
+Role: Support 'Sniper'. Ground to Air. Ground to Ground.

  • Slightly modified 300mm Rifle. Additional Barrel length adds weight/size and improves reach. More powerful Ammunition lowers Rate of Fire and total shots and improves Damage and expenses for refilling.

"34 Bravo"

Name: Lisa Ibuki

Callsign: "34 Bravo"

Age: 24

Sex: Female

hair: strawberry blonde

eyes: grey

build: thin

Personality: very good at insults, but un-able to take them herself.

Education level: HS dropout, GED, self taught College Trigonometry

Family: deceased, caught in crossfire of "war of the rock"

how/why they were recruited: needed good paying work, but no one would take a HS dropout with only a GED. background: Lisa was always bored with school, and after losing her parents to the war, she lost all her motivation to continue school after turning 17. After leaving school, she tried to find a job to support herself, but she was constantly turned down due to her lack of a HS diploma. She was living in a homeless shelter that helped her get her GED, and she was fascinated with trigonometery and continued to learn when she could with her recently acquired minimum wage job. After being the waitress for a couple of members of VKTHSU, she was given a recuitment card. Her advanced knowledge of trig snagged her a job as a Heavy Support Gunner.

Unit ID#: 22

Unit Type: Artillery

4 leg +[12] 140 Goes anywhere No limit

4: 600mm Howitzer [8], + 4 reloads [2]

1: armor kit [1]

1: AGCM [.5]

1: 30mm Vulcan [.25], +2 reloads [.25]


Name: Ace Diamond

Age: 23

Sex: male

hair: red

eyes: green

build: tall and muscley

Personality: quiet yet snarky

Education level: accelerated classes in high school, no college

Family: two brothers, two sisters, all younger and living in group housing due to parent's death.

how/why they were recruited: worked security in the companies building and got 'promoted'

background: well versed in the martial art of Krav Maga. worked as a bouncer after high school. qualified for many colleges but never really wanted to go. very content to live a simple life. sends money to his siblings when he can.

Unit ID#: #89

Unit Type: 4 legs - 12 points - 140 spd - goes anywhere - no weapon size limit


2 pneumatic spikes ~ 30 rounds (-4)

2 60mm shotguns ~ 750 rounds (-2.5)

2 25mm miniguns ~ 36000 rounds (-1.5)


armor kit x3 (-3)

all weather optics (-0.5)

active guidance countermeasures ~ 10 rounds (-0.5)

skeletal fist vanity painted on back (priceless)


heavy assault


Name Felix 'Madman' Denton

Age: 21

Sex: Male

Hair: Jet Black

Eye: Dark Brown

Build: Athletic

Personality: Felix is an adrenaline junkie, plain and simple; and enjoys a good, fair fight. Some might say he lives for that little thing we call 'warfare'.

Education level: Collage physics

Family: Single child, both parents alive and well; he doesn't keep in touch.

How/why they were recruited: Although he bothered to get a collage degree, he realized one thing: that he should find what he's good at, then find someone who will pay he to do what he's good at. Needless to say, he became a soldier.

Background: See above.

Unit ID# :18 "Point Man"

Unit Type: 2 leg

2 Armor kits [2]

1 25mm Vulcan + 2 extra clips [0.5]

1 3x120 repeater + 1 extra clip [2]

1 Active guidance countermeasures + 2 extra clips [1]

All Weather Optics [0.5]

Prior Battles


Hired by the U.K. Consulate to assit in subduing rebel forces that had defeated their peace keeper forces.



Hired by the Russian Government to protect them from a Military Coup.



Hired by a local "Cocoa and other such plants" plantation owner to defend his and the other plantations from an "oppressive government"


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